Welcome to The Wholeful Soul Sisters Tribe!!

Will you come join my FREE Facebook group for community, conversation, lifestyle, wellness, & faith with your fellow soul sisters?!

Wholeful Soul Sisters is a tribe of women, of sisters, coming together from all around the world. This tribe is a safe, sacred space for women to heal through steadfast faith, to fall in love with their bodies through holistic wellness and movement, and to love every aspect of their lives. 

This group is for you if:
- You desire to become awakened spiritually and emotionally
- You crave to live a healthy lifestyle through holistic wellness and low-impact fitness
- You want to incorporate essential oils and herbal remedies into your lifestyle
- You crave to plant new seeds of new habits
- You want to heal through steadfast faith
- You want to find God's Grace and your God-given purpose
- You desire to build a foundation of love and faith
- You want to remove limiting beliefs and release your fears
- You crave to ignite your inner fire and see life differently
- You want to live and be in balance

We are all Divine Warriors of Love, Sisters in Christ, Daughters of God, and Soulful Goddesses of the Universe

This tribe is for any lady - college students, boss ladies, moms, writers, healers, yogis, coaches, etc. No matter who you are, your color, or your beliefs- you are welcome, you are heard, you are seen, and you are loved!

This is a space to receive my undivided attention and guidance, to ask for support, to receive tools in healing, and share your story. I share lots of value packed content and it's a space to connect with me daily! This is an interactive, yet intimate group. This is a place where you can be real and honest, to find your soul sisters, and to create lasting friendships. 

This is a faith-filled, loving, supportive space where you will embrace you courageous and fearless parts of your soul.

This is not for you if:
- You do not believe in a higher power (there is a lot of spiritual, faith-filled conversation)
- You are not open to or willing to grow as a spiritual individual
- You are a Negative Nancy
- You only want to gain clients
- You plan on soliciting and promoting
- You plan on harassing other ladies in the group to sell your product or program

Stay up to date with what's going on, share articles, ask questions, check-in, etc. 

I highly encourage you to invite the ladies in your life to join us and to share this group! 

Get ready to change your life, awaken your soul, get healthy, and meet your soul sisters from all corners of the world!

In order to be accepted, please answer ALL questions when requesting to join the group!