Terms & Agreements

1. Kailee Holbert is NOT liable for any injury, results or outcomes and CANNOT be held liable for any reason.

2. Kailee Holbert is here for your positive improvements as a coach, mentor, and friend. I am not a licensed therapist or nutritionist so I cannot give you any medical advice and will advise you seek professional medical help if necessary. 

3. My coaching programs and style may not be right for you. Please consult your physician about any fitness and wellness plans as they may not be for everyone.

4. All information found here is NOT to be distributed for third party sales, copied, or plagiarized in any way. You will be contacted by my attorney and legal action will be taken if it is brought to my attention that you are copying, plagiarizing, or selling my work.

5. Keeping an open mind and heart is key to your success with Kailee Holbert as your coach. Results from working with Kailee may include peace, joy, feeling healthy, getting toned, achieving your goals, manifesting success, and building a deep foundation of living in God's loving grace. 

Refund Policy

1. All sales are FINAL.

2. Absolutely NO refunds will be given.

3. If on a membership plan or extended payment plan, previous payments will NOT be refunded. Please allow 3-5 business days for your cancellation to be complete in order to not be charged for the next or future billing cycles.

Cancellation Policy

1. If you NEED to cancel your call/coaching session, please contact me and cancel 48 hours before your scheduled session. A refund request will be taken under consideration ONLY IF you cancel before 48 hours in advance AND you do not plan on rescheduling. 

2. If you NEED to reschedule your call/coaching session, please contact me and reschedule 48 hours before your scheduled session.

3. I do understand that emergencies arise at any given moment. If an emergency comes up, please notify me as soon as possible to reschedule your call/coaching session. I honor you and value you.

Privacy Policy

1. All information discussed in the coaching sessions and coaching programs are kept private, unless life threatening thoughts are brought up. I simply want to keep you safe and in which case will advise you to seek professional medical help. 

2. Any personal information will never be sold or given to third parties.

3. Phone numbers, emails, answers to questionnaires and discussions are kept private.

4. You have the ability to unsubscribe for any reason at any time. Please note that information is stored safely with Kailee Holbert as the Data Protection Officer and complies with GDPR regulations that went into effect as of May 25th, 2018.

*The Terms & Agreements and Policies are subject to change at any time.*

By signing up to work with me in my membership, 1:1, in any free offers such as my email list or free Facebook group, or in group programs, you agree to ALL Terms & Agreements and Policies listed above. 

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Updated on: May 25th, 2018