Faithful Guidance

Sometimes finding God can be overwhelming. Sometimes we have no idea where to start. Sometimes we don't know how to understand it all. But we know that we want to know God, we know that we can be a Woman of God, and we know that we are so Divinely Loved. So below you'll find everything faithful, from Bible studies, Scriptures, prayers & journaling prompts, faithful discussion, and even A Course In Miracles guides. So I invite you to immerse yourself with The Word, spend time in prayer, and allow God in your life!


Scripture & Prayer

Here you'll find scripture, guided prayers, & journaling prompts. Dive into The Word of God and watch life unfold in a beautiful way!

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Bible Studies

Here you'll find Bible Studies that I host & also recommended studies. You'll also be able have the opportunity to connect with me on one of my favorite apps. 

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A Course in Miracles 

Using ACIM brings us even closer to Love, to God who IS Love. I believe that we all need some sort of spiritual guidance, to be connect to something far greater than us, to God. You'll find lessons and discussion here.

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Sometimes we have no idea where to begin, how to read the Bible, how to pray, or how to surrender to God. Check out these free resources that I created just for you!

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Crystals & Sage

Some may think that crystals and sage is not Christian based and incredibly woo. But using them are also a tool that God has given us and we always invoke The Holy Spirit to guide us and be with us. If you're any bit of woo or even a skeptic, then I think you'll like this!

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