What is Country Class Mentor?

Country Class Mentor was created in February 2016. I created this to empower, inspire, and coach women to create a life that they truly love with a foundation of love and confidence.

I focus on community, supporting & empowering young women, and coaching young women to focus on love & healing through faith and God.

This is for young women who want to know God on a deeper level, better herself, build a foundation of love, and heal. That is the core mission of CCM, to guide and coach women to heal a negative past and to welcome love and forgiveness.

CCM is for the woman who is on the mission to being a light in this world, to feeling confident in her own skin, to embrace her God given gifts, to open herself to the guidance & support of the Universe & Angels, and to truly be in love with her life.

Every program that I offer is designed to coach you to achieve your goals, based on a foundation of love, to heal & forgive hard moments of your life, and to push past fear of forgiveness. Every post, program, podcast, and video are based on this foundation to provide you chic inspiration, love, & the courage to heal.


What do I offer with CCM?


What ladies have to say!

Guidance & Clarity
“Doing the Guidance with Angel reading was wonderful and fulfilling. I had a lot of events come up within the past three months, and I was looking for some answers that would help me understand why they were occurring and how they would effect my future. I felt like my confusion go away as the reading went on and everything started to make more sense. I’d recommend it to anyone, especially if you feel lost or confused because the angels will help you!!”  ~ Laura, New York

Take The Plunge
"I have never really had a session with a life coach before. Something let me to take the plunge and book one with Kailee. While I was nervous what to expect, she was so friendly, warm and comforting that I enjoyed every single minute of our sessions. She helped me clarify my goals and understand further where I am in life right now and what I can do to move further towards the goals that I set for myself. The connection we had and the feelings I felt during our sessions were amazing. She put a spark inside of me that was indescribable. I can definitely say that it made a difference for me to have a session with her and I would love to work with her again in the future."  ~ Christina, Germany