Face Your Fears

Vulnerable post ahead


Time for me to be honest with you...

Every time I share a glimpse of my life, my stomach does flips and my inner mean girl yells at me to not do it. Including this moment as I'm writing this.

Why am I so afraid of being vulnerable? (Including in person and online, to the point it's been affecting my business)

I'm terrified of being hurt.

I'm terrified of being judged.

I'm terrified of being thought less of.

I'm terrified of starting problems and confrontation.

But most importantly, I'm terrified of being hurt.

I've dealt with hurt, with pain, with sadness. I've felt betrayed by friends, by family, by people I loved. It sucks. Period, end of story, it sucks.

Plus, I've dealt with people who got triggered by things I've posted and blogged about. And it makes me sick to my stomach because I hate confrontation so much.

My inner mean girl has led me to go into hiding.

And it pisses me off that I've allowed myself to basically stay away from creating beautiful friendships, from investing in myself, and just freaking out about everything.

Note to my inner mean girl- I love you, but no more running my life.


I've held back so much. And that's not me. You haven't been able to see me, the real me, all of me.

I've been afraid that people will judge me and think less of me because my life is messy, it's far from perfect (including my health journey and my spiritual journey). Because if I'm being honest, I've been struggling lately with my wellness and well, life.


So here it goes...

From here on out, I promise myself and you to show you all of me. To show you everything that is happening in my life, the ups, the downs, the messy, the ins and the outs. I promise to be fully present, to fully give all of myself to those who need me, to fully love and accept myself for where I am, and to fully love and accept you for where you are.

What are you terrified of? What do you promise to commit to in order to get out of your own way?

So there we have it.

Xo, Kailee

What to do when it feels like the world is against you

What to do when it feels like the world is against you

First things first. I want to tell you and remind you that absolutely nothing and no one is against you. This is God and the Universe challenging you to step up to the plate to get out of your comfort zone. Everything is happening for a reason, I always believe it's for your highest good even amidst the chaotic moments. He is pushing you to do the things you've never done in order to get to where you and He want you to be. So my first question for you is are you ready?

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I Am Not Religious

I Am Not Religious

One thing that has been coming up a lot lately, especially now with the new Mornings With Jesus series is that I am religious. Because in society, having some sort of faith always deems us as religious. Knowing that God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit exist always deems us as religious. Heck, even simply talking about God deems us as religious. 

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Money Saving Tips for The Savvy Woman

Money Saving Tips for The Savvy Woman

Today, I'm sharing my greatest tips and tricks on how to be a savvy woman! I love shopping. I also love to save money when I can. I'll sometimes (ok, most times) go for the clearance rack at Target or Kohl's, or even at New York & Company. Well shopping online has become a favorable thing to do, especially in society today. Why? Because it's easy in our busy lives.

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Break The Damn Rules

Break The Damn Rules

Society has taught us to conform to the rules. Society has conditioned us to be like everyone else, to not stand out from the crowd and to be extremely hard on ourselves. We're supposed to be in a certain profession. We're supposed to get that degree or certification to be qualified enough. We're supposed to act a certain way, to talk a certain way, to dress a certain way. We're supposed to be so much and hold up to people's expectations. We're supposed to make everyone happy at all times that it's selfish to do what's right for us.

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March Madness

March Madness

Whenever I think of "March Madness" I always think of being busy, getting ready to invite new things into my life, and massive savings!

That's exactly what I'm writing to you about!! There is so much going on in March, it's CRAZY!!

Ready? Read close because there may be something in here that you won't want to miss out on! And everything has crazy good bonuses!

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Trials Into Triumphs

Trials Into Triumphs

You will face trials and triumphs, especially as a woman in faith and as you grow as a person. There is purpose in all of this pain. There is hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. It's a matter of surrounding yourself with people who will support you, who will be there for you, raising your vibrations to be energetically unavailable for the crap that tries to take you down, and most importantly surrendering it all to Him.

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Be Authentic, Darling

Let's talk Authenticity for a moment.

As a coach - a Holistic Lifestylist & Spiritual Life Coach - I've come across a few unauthentic people within the past few years of doing what I do... The copy cats. Oh yes. Like I'm talking people have copied me, word for word. They've copied my work, my words, my language. Right down to my 'About' page on my website.

And with this, with the copy cats, comes people attempting to one-up me.

And did that used to annoy the sh*t out of me. (Guilty)


I've learned that people who are truly authentic, truly themselves (unapologetically and uniquely themselves), those are the people who do amazing things and are pretty amazing people. Why? Because they're raw. Because they accept who they are. Because they love who they are. Because they get vulnerable. Because they are unapologetic about who they are.

I've learned that the people who are not authentically themselves, they copy. THEN, they try and try and try to compete. They try to one-up, trying to stand out the most in a conversation. AND people can see right through them. Because they either don't seem genuine or they simply seem silly.

Listen, I stand in my truth. I know who I am. I know what I bring to the table. And I don't have time to compete or one-up anyone. I literally don't have time for that. I honestly hope we all make it. I hope everyone I meet becomes successful in their own way, on their own terms of what success means to them.

So, the message? Accept who you are. Love who you are. Be unapologetically YOU. Because no one else is you. You are unique because God created only ONE of you!

Reflection on 2017

As I sit here reflecting, 2017 has really pushed me way out my comfort zone. Like, every area of my life.

I've shed tears, I've had many laughs, met amazing people, made amazing memories with those by my side, accepted amazing opportunities, and it's all been guided by God and Spirit.

I walked across the Marist College stage in May. I've continued to build a soulful business helping women in every corner of the world. I did something wild & brave, yet so Divinely Guided to do so in October, which was the most beautiful blessing I could have ever given or received. I had forgiven and healed my past, let me just mention the immense peace and freedom that came with this action. I felt like my life was falling apart and I was breaking in November. I'm currently launching radical life transforming programs and a membership this month in December plus going even bigger in 2018. I've joined a Bible Study and a Prayer Group. I had an intense healing session that simply confirmed my utmost Divine Calling in this life. Most importantly, I've stepped fully and fearlessly into my purpose as a coach, a teacher, a healer, a friend.

As I think about this all, no matter the hardships and challenges I've faced, the choices I made, the blessings I brought to people, there was purpose in it all. The strength that I'm filled with, the love that I'm filled with, the hope that I'm filled with, the peace that I'm filled with, and the Spirit that I'm filled with guides me to bring that to every person I meet.

Always look for the blessing in every situation. Always choose to see love. ❤




New Year, New You

It's that time of year again! The New Year is almost upon us! And we're busy making our resolutions, setting goals, and creating intentions for the new year!

Let me guess... some of your goals are to get healthy, hit the gym, be intentional, be happy, and add more faith to your life? Well, no matter what your goals are, this program is designed to not only give you accountability, but to get you on the right path to actually staying true to you New Year's Resolution. 

Let's also get real for a minute. If you ALWAYS fall through on your resolutions, like within the first few days/weeks of the New Year, then keep reading. 

If you want to be filled with freedom, peace, love, purpose, and create a healthy, wholeful lifestyle then this is for you. We'll also be shifting our mindset from lack to abundance, from fear to love, from worthlessness to purpose, from a junk food filled body to a healthy body, and from "I can't" to "I can & I will". There will be wellness tips to creating a healthy lifestyle & home. There will be spiritual guidance, inviting God fully into our lives. There will be blocks recognized & removed. There will be healing. There will be laughter & community. There may be some tears shed. There will be growth & expansion. There will be radical transformation.

Let's do this girl! Make 2018 your year!

Are You Ready To:
~ Stay accountable with your New Year's Resolutions?
~ Create freedom, a healthy lifestyle, & soulful intentions?
~ Make 2018 your year?
~ Heal the past & create more joy?
~ Create momentum with an action packed plan?

Who is this for?
~ The woman who is ready to not hold back
~ The woman who is ready to invest in herself
~ The woman who is serious about doing the work & changing her life
~ The woman who is ready to make her goals into reality
~ The woman who needs accountability
~ The woman who craves success in 2018

What's Included?
~ 8 Weeks
~ Group Program
~ Wellness coaching
~ Life coaching
~ Massive accountability
~ 8 group coaching calls
~ Exclusive community space

Bonuses (Worth over $150)
~ One 60 minute 1:1 call focusing on goals & intentions for 2018 ($95 value)
~ Goal Tracker journal ($47 value)
~ Guide to Gratitude Workbook ($30 value)

Your Investment? $247
Payment Plans are available!




Fearlessly Brave

Fear can be crippling. It can block you from healing.

Hurt can be painful. It can hold you back from forgiving truly, honestly, and completely. 

Anger can be firey red. It can hold us in pain, fear, and hurt. 

I was listening to a podcast with Lisa and John Bevere and they said that in order to completely forgive is to forgive how God would forgive us. This solidified in my heart because I knew I was extremely close to forgiving someone who hurt me. I knew that I had forgiven this person because I felt peace when I thought of them, I no longer felt hurt, no longer felt angry, no longer felt anxious. I knew there was more to do though. This person was my father and maybe one day he'll read this.

It took me years of working on healing and forgiving. Yes, I took an extremely deep spiritual route. All of this has all paid off and I am truly blesses and grateful that God has worked in my heart and in my life.

I did something. I did something beyond courageous. Beyond brave. It was something bigger and beyond myself. I did it for me. I did it for him. I did it and it was probably the most beautiful gift I not only could've received, but could've given. As I write this, I have tears in my eyes, my heart continues to feel heavy (in a good way), and I feel an overwhelming sense of peace. I don't care what others may think because I did it for myself. 

Today, I invite you to do something brave, do something fearless, to do something that you're terrified of doing, to do something that will be a blessing to you and even possibly to someone else. I invite you to sit in prayer today, to sit in gratitude today, to sit in stillness to allow the peace to flow through you. Feel the feelings, cry it out, talk about it, and just allow yourself to gently forgive and release those feelings. 

I love you and I forgive you.

Much love,


Welcome to my world!

Hey there! 

I'm Kailee, your go to Soul Coach & Holistic Lifestyle Coach! I'm so happy you're here to join me on this journey! 

Here's what you can expect from me!
~ Honesty, fearlessness, love, light, and healing peace
~ Push you to conquer any self sabotaging, limiting belief systems
~ Guide you to living in God's grace
~ Guide you to trust the Universe
~ Boho chic vibes & fun!
~ A sacred & safe experience and spaces
~ Inspirational messages with Country Class Mentor
~ Holistic lifestyle tips & tricks for those on a budget with Healthy Soul 360

I work with women who are ready to conquer their fears, ignite their inner flame, and ready to dive deep into their spiritual journey while also getting healthy with a holistic lifestyle approach. I extend my holistic wellness & lifestyle coaching to men as well in partner with my amazing boyfriend, Carlton, who is extremely motivational and of course I needed some male presence!

Be sure to connect with me, send me an email, chat with me on social media, and definitely subscribe to my newsletters! 


Much love!
~ Kailee