Wellness In The Workplace

Wellness In The Workplace is my workshop designed for employees and employers to create a healthy lifestyle at home and in the workplace. 

In this workshop, I'll be teaching all of my tips and tricks in creating a healthy lifestyle, a healthy home environment, and talking specifically about creating a healthy workplace environment. 

Being a graduate of Marist College with a bachelor's in biology, a psychology minor, and a public health pathway and in business as a Holistic Lifestylist, Spiritual Mentor, and Reiki Healer helping particularly women worldwide, my expertise will advance all employees and employers in building a healthy environment which is crucial in any workplace.

If you're interested in having me travel out to train and speak at your job/business, email me ASAP!

Email me at kaileeholbert@gmail.com for me to come to your job/business, my rates, your questions, and more information.

Talk soon!