Welcome Fall! A Season of Change


Happy First Day of Fall!

~ Sweaters
~ Lattes & everything Pumpkin Spice!
~ Cool, crisp weather
~ Changing colors of the trees!
~ Cozy nights by the fireplace

Autumn in my absolute favorite season. Not only does the weather get cooler, but it allows for a time of reset of our own lives. 


This season is a special time of change in my life. This season I'm hitting the reset button. It's a clean slate. I've been connecting with God deeper, journaling more, redesigning the coaching programs for Healthy Soul 360 and Country Class Mentor, and honoring my body by nourishing with holistic foods and gentle exercises. I couldn't feel anymore at peace about the decision to hit my reset button. I'm so excited for the redesign of my coaching programs and cannot wait to tell you more!

Here's a few tips on how you can hit your reset button!

1. Take inventory. What's not working for you anymore? 
2. Recognize & release. Understanding what's not serving us anymore allows us to release those things, feelings, people, or situations.
3. Take consistent & daily action. Setting new goals and taking consistent action to keep you in this beautiful path of change is key.
4. Honor yourself. Through this time of change, you may notice a shift in your energy, meaning it feels right. But with this new energy, be sure that you are resting and aware of the foods you're putting in your body.

These steps are simple, but will guide you to beginning your new season and realigning with what feels good in your soul. Being in alignment also brings you closer to God and your Divine purpose!

Much love & blessings,