Hey hey!! 

I wanted to come in with some updates for you!

After spending some time in prayer and putting in a lot of faithful work, I've updated my website, what I offer, and ways that you can work with me! Each topic can be found in the tabs on top of the page! Including all of my prices have been lowered (new post about that soon!) 


This is where you can find all faith-filled resources to bring you closer to God

1. Scripture & Prayer
2. Bible Studies
3. Resources (How to Read the Bible, How to Pray, etc.)
5. Crystals & Sage


These are my favorite, simple AND healthy recipes!

1. Breakfast
2. Lunch
3. Dinner
4. Snacks & Drinks


Here are my favorite low-impact workouts, including yoga flows!

1. Gentle Flow
2. Do-At-Home
3. Get Outside


1. For The Home
2. Aromatherapy
3. Herbal Remedies

Work With Me

1. Life On Purpose
2. Healing Guidance
3. Go VIP!
4. The Steadfast Sisterhood (Launching October 2018)
5. Wholeful Soul Sisters- Facebook group

Courses & E-books

1. The Proverbs 31 Woman

I've re-vamped all of my coaching offers, lowered my prices, and will be focusing primarily on hanging out with you on my blog, in The Tribe, through courses & e-books, through 1:1 coaching, and in my brand new membership launching oh so soon! 

If you have any questions, please send me an email at kaileeholbert@gmail.com!