Trials Into Triumphs

Last week was rough.

I had some issues with my father where I had to stand up for my little brother against him, I found out that I have to let my dog go home to the Lord this week, and add on top of that people criticizing me for what I write on MY blog, people claiming that I'm a liar and a hypocrite, and being told I'm supposed to tell them every single detail of what's happening in my life. But me being me, I've handled every situation with class, understanding, and standing in my truth.

Holy smokes....

So let's clarify some things!

What I write on MY blog, it's part of how I help others. I share bits and pieces of what I'm going through, then give guidance in order to help people shift their perspective if they're going through a similar situation and teach the lesson. It's MY blog, MY website, MY business.

Even as a coach I've ruffled some feathers several times, so these incidences haven't been my first and certainly won't be my last. What I share with people is my choice, my business, and on a "not need to know" basis. If you're simply an acquaintance, no you will not know all the nitty gritty details. Although, if you are my friend and have always been in my life and I trust you, then yes you will know all the details. 

Yes I share a little bit more here on MY blog, in MY free community space, and in MY membership than anywhere else because I WANT TO. It allows you to get to know me more "intimately" as your coach, mentor, and friend. 

I do not write to "attack" anyone. I do not write to offend anyone. I do not write to please anyone. I do not write to share every last little detail of my life. I do not write to write about or bash other people because that's not who I am. I do not write for the non-believers.

I write to help people. I write to help shift your perspective. I write to offer you guidance. I write to help the women who are meant to read my posts. So if you are reading this, then you are meant to read this. Although, if my posts trigger you, I'm doing my job because I'm triggering emotions in you in an area of your inner world that you need to work on. If my posts trigger you that much, unfollow me and don't read my posts because I may not be the coach, mentor, or friend for you. If you think my posts are talking about you, take a step back and ask yourself why you are in "victim mode".

So yes, I'm writing this in tough love.

(I write this particular post because this is something I recently dealt with and my thoughts on it all, although I don't have to explain myself to anyone.)

Yes, the last few weeks were hard for me. I cried every single day and not knowing when was going to break down in tears again. I've been facing so many hard trials lately and all in such a short amount of time that I finally broke. Which is ok, we all have our breaking points.

My breaking point has lead me to set stronger boundaries, know what I'm not energetically available for, to simplify my life and social media, and to remove toxic energy and people from my life and from my social media. My breaking point has led me in fully surrendering and trusting God. 

My point in all of this? You will face trials and triumphs, especially as a woman in faith and as you grow as a person. There is purpose in all of this pain. There is hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. It's a matter of surrounding yourself with people who will support you, who will be there for you, raising your vibrations to be energetically unavailable for the crap that tries to take you down, and most importantly surrendering it all to HIM.

Be gentle on yourself, feel the feelings, set your boundaries, and trust the Divine Plan. I'm here for you, darling, and I believe in you. Sending you so much love today!