Stand Powerfully In Your Truth

Speak your truth and protect your own energy. (Even if it triggers people.)

Last week, what should have been a live video over in the Wholeful Soul Sisters free community to talk about staying grounded amidst chaos was turning into a written post about staying in truth amidst lies and negativity.

Yes, the past few weeks my energy has been way off. I've been crazy emotional and sensitive, I'm talking I'm almost crying just listening to worship music.

Last week, I was tested to stand in my truth, to stand in His Truth, and to stand my ground to protect my own energy. And yes I cried.

What the heck? Sometimes I question why.

Our energy is so crucial and vital to our wellbeing and to our being as a whole. It's important to protect our energy, to nourish it, and to love it.

And I realize now that all of the trials I've been facing lately is to help me as a person, to help me as a coach, to help me as a menor, and to help me as a friend. These trials are happening because I am able to help you and to help others go through tough situations.

So how can we protect our energy in negative situations?

1. Stand in your truth and in His Truth. 
2. Stand your ground. Don't let anyone manipulate you. 
3. Be gentle on yourself. Honor yourself and don't regret wanting/needing to protect yourself.
4. Spend a whole lot of time with God. I cannot sat this enough. All of the trials are guiding me even closer to Him. 
5. Create boundaries. Boundaries are what keeps us sane in crazy, negative situations.

Today, I ask you what negative situations are you allowing to drain your energy? Are you standing in your truth, in His truth?

Speak only truth, nothing but the truth and it will set you free.