I'm Raising My Prices!

The other night, I was doing some soul searching and a little bit of business work. I realized that some things didn't feel right and no longer felt aligned, so I set some boundaries. 

I will no longer be giving my time, my energy, and my guidance for free. If you PM or email me looking for advice that I actually coach on (or things I don't, there's coaches for that), I'll send you a link to pay for my time. This means I will also not be offering any free calls (except for a discovery call for my VIP package).

I've had so many women private messaging for free coaching and I'm no longer available for free. 

The Wholeful Soul Sisters will remain to be open and free for advice, but if you want more I have a paid membership, my 1:1 packages, and group programs.

There is still tons of amazing free content I give on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), on the podcast, on my YouTube channel, and on my website. I simply won't be available to give my time or energy for free via PM or email.

I'm also raising the prices on all of my 1:1 and group programs. Prices rise February 1st. If you want to work with me at my current extremely low prices, then I highly recommend you take advantage of them!

Why am I doing this?

My membership, my 1:1 packages, and my group programs are all life changing. I believe in the power of what I offer and who I am as a coach. This also allows me to focus on the women who want to make a change in their lives and who actually want and know they need to work with me. This is allowing me to focus on the women who want a high end experience and high end results. That's how confident I am that working with me 1:1, in my group programs, and/or in my membership will launch your life into the healthiest and faith-filled life that you crave. Hard love- investing in yourself is how you're going to see results.

I love you all.