Place Your Hope In The Father

I'm part of a few different groups at my boyfriend's church in town. I'm a mentor for a Girl's Group and attend to the Bible Study and Prayer Group. 

Last Tuesday we watched this video from our Bible Study on the Book of Acts and the pastor of this video was talking about hope. 

We often times place our hope into the outcome or in something that may not necessarily be forever. We place our hope on the boat sinking such as Paul experienced on his journey in the Book of Acts in the Bible. I even have placed my hope into the outcome several times, but today I'm reminded to place my hope in the Most High Father. 

I've held onto hope for the outcome back in November whether my dad was going to survive or not. I've held onto the hope that maybe he'd change being on the brink of death. And now today I'm being faced with the decision of letting my dog go to sleep so she no longer suffers and I'm holding onto the hope that maybe something can help her so I don't have to lose her.

My dog, Annie aka The Sassy Eskimo, is a beautiful rescued American Eskimo. My mom and I rescued her over 10 years ago, so she's 12 and will be 13 in October. She had surgery back in September 2017 to have most of her teeth removed and early January was diagnosed with diabetes. Carlton and I woke up yesterday and noticed she was acting weirder than normal and today we've come to the conclusion that she's completely or almost completely blind. My heart breaks because my baby girl has been with me through my hardest times of my life and the best times of my life. She's been with me through all of high school and all of college and moving 3 times. She's given me so many great memories including her extremely sassy attitude, which made loving her so much fun. A dog is truly a girl's best friend and is truly a gift. Today is difficult to have to even face the question of not letting her suffer. So we go to the vet on Monday to see what the best option is for her. 

As I write this, my Miss Annie is laying right beside me and tears rolling down my face. I'm holding onto the hope of the outcome, but I need to surrender to God and His Plan. I ask for all your healing energy and prayers for my girl. She is truly a blessing in my life. I'm aware that there are more important things in this world to be concerned about, but my dog is part of my world. 

I encourage you to place your hope in God today. With whatever situation or challenge you are currently dealing with, I invite you to surrender and give it all to God. It can be difficult, but pray give it to God and let Him do the work. I send my prayers to you that your situation will get better, will get easier.