Life By Storm

This is the Kailee that's been dealing with one thing after another for the last week and a half.

This is the Kailee that's been crying multiple times a day since last Monday.

This is the Kailee that feels kinda, sorta broken and lost and defeated.

God I hear you, I hear you.


Between stress and heart ache, I'm shot. I am literally emotionally and spiritually drained to the point I'm starting to get physically drained.

Between my fiance's grandma in the hospital for a night, my grandpa falling, my mom falling and very badly spraining her ankle, drama with my dad, getting my hair literally ripped out of my scalp in handfuls by a little boy I nanny for because he was angry, and this morning my grandparents unexpectedly having to put down their fur baby. Oh, all while going full force with this new project that'll be announced soon.

I'm shot. And I can't take any more. God, I can't be SuperWoman. Why do I take on the weight of the world?


Friends, I'm not asking for sympathy or "I'm sorry" or anything else. I'm sharing all of this because I want you to know that my life is messy too. I want you to know that I struggle too. I want you to know that I'm here for you along this ride.

The hardest lessons God has been gracefully yet messily teaching me is that I'm not SuperWoman, to surrender it all to Him, and to allow the beautiful people He has placed in my life to be a loving friend for me.

God I hear you, I hear you.

The biggest things that He is placing on my heart that I'm humbly working on is while all of this to focus on spending time with Him, to focus on taking care of myself, to transparently share this journey with you, and to get fully involved with my church again.

So are you going through a tough time right now? Do you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders?

My darling, dearest friend- You are not SuperWoman and that is ok. It's in our darkest moments of weakness that we look down and realize that God is carrying us through these storms. It's in these moments of tears that God stills our minds so He can whisper His loving whisper to us. It's in these moments that He pulls our hearts back to Him and His Plan.

Xo, Kailee