I'm Saying Goodbye

Today, I'm saying goodbye. 

I'm sitting here as I write this playing with my little Lily and my Starbucks iced chai latte. 

There's been a lot of challenges and sadness I've been experiencing lately that it's time to say goodbye. And I write this with tears in my eyes because it's time.

Before you freak out, I'm actually not going anywhere! I know, the suspense had you on the edge of your seat. Keep reading!

Today I say goodbye to all things that no longer serve me. 

~ I'm saying goodbye to toxic relationships.

~ I'm saying goodbye to toxic foods.

~ I'm saying goodbye to toxic thoughts and beliefs.

~ I'm saying goodbye to how I run my business.

~ I'm saying goodbye to the old me. 

At some point in our lives, we realize what's holding us back. In this case it's a lot for me. Which is totally ok. It's ok to outgrow different things, it's ok to let different thing go.

I say goodbye to relationships and friendships that are negative, full of judgement and competition, and are at a lower vibration than I am. Today, I am inviting in relationships and friendships that encourage me, the support me, and that are simply high vibe-ing relationships!

I say goodbye to toxic foods & drinks that are bad for my body. I fell off track for a little while (we're all human, aren't we?) and I'm getting back on, but this time better than before. So goodbye sugar, goodbye dairy, goodbye alcohol, goodbye caffeine & carbonated beverages, and goodbye gluten. Today I invite in all loving, organic, nourishing foods that will give me more energy. 

I say goodbye to toxic thoughts and beliefs that are holding me back. I've been there in that mindset of lack, in that mindset that I'm not worthy, in that mindset that I'm not loved in that mindset that I don't deserve money. Like, what? Where did that come from? It came from constantly being hurt, let down, and disappointed by people who should have been there for me. Today, I am inviting in Spirit to love me and to guide me. I'm saying hello to all loving and worthy belief systems!

I say goodbye to how I run my business because I am a high end coach & mentor who gives high end experiences to my clients. I'm saying goodbye to charging so little for my massively life changing services, energy, and time. Because I am amazing at what I do! And I'm saying goodbye to the rules. Today, I'm inviting YOU in! I'm inviting you in because you are beyond worthy of the life you dream of and I am here to help you get there! 

I say goodbye to the old me. I say goodbye to the girl who felt lazy, the girl who felt weak, the girl who felt unworthy, the girl who felt unloveable, the girl who felt like she was always a disappointment. I say goodbye to the girl who always put everyone else before herself. I say goodbye to the girl who always tried to make sure everyone else was happy even if she wasn't. I say goodbye to the girl who let fear and anxiety run her life. 

Today, I say hello and I introduce you to the woman who is confident, bold, and stands powerfully in her truth, in God's truth, and in her beautiful uniqueness.

AND I say hello to God because the doors and windows are wide open. 

It feels incredibly freeing to say goodbye to everything that no longer serves me or God. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest and off my shoulders.

What will you say goodbye to today? Let me know in the comments below or over in my free Facebook group!