I'm Lowering My Prices

After spending a lot of time thinking and praying about this, I've decided to lower all of my prices on all programs and coaching packages.

Why? Because I want to help more women. Because I know what it feels like to be on a budget, heck even on an extremely tight budget. Because I want to help women who are on a budget get to their next level. Because I've had coaches who've helped me be able to afford working with them in order to help me get to my next level.

I want to be available and be able to help every woman who is on a budget, yet want to be healthy, want to go deeper in their faith, and want to live the life they absolutely love.

No, I'm not insulting myself nor my clients for lowering my prices. I'm insulting myself and my clients by not giving them the opportunity to grow, expand, and feel amazing just because they are on a budget. It doesn't mean I've lost my confidence, it means I've really realized who I want to help 

In fact, this decision feels aligned with every part of my being that I know this is something that will impact thousands of people!

So yes, it means everything will be affordable to be able to change your life and to be able to work with me. My programs, my personalized packages, my courses, my workshops, my membership relaunching in October, and e-books will be affordable. Even some of my best content will be free including over in my Facebook group, Wholeful Soul Sisters. .

Comment below if you're beyond excited for this!! 

Xo, Kailee ❤