I Am Not Religious

Good morning and happy Friday! #tgif

I want to talk to you today about something that has been heavy on my heart for a while and have received backlash on my beliefs & way of life. This is something that needs to be talked about and I know that there are people in this world that will relate. But I hope is results in good conversation.

One thing that has been coming up a lot lately, especially now with the new Mornings With Jesus series is that I am religious. Because in society, having some sort of faith always deems us as religious. Knowing that God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit exist always deems us as religious. Heck, even simply talking about God deems us as religious. 

I know this is going to ruffle a lot of feathers and trigger a lot of people, but hear me out.

Now when I think of the word "religion" it almost sounds cliquey. So many people in religion think that they are superior to other religions, other people, and to non-believers. If you think you are superior to others because of your beliefs, some hard truth- get over yourself (you're allowing your ego and the enemy get in the way). For me, I have immense respect for everyone, no matter their beliefs. I have experienced many people in religion who are not accepting of new people who actually want to know God, so we ultimately get hurt by the church. And I believe the church has also played a role in acting superior and cliquey. 

Now, being spiritual I know many people think that if call yourself spiritual you worship other gods, don't believe in the Lord because you believe in the Universe and the Angels, whatever the case may be. I'm going to call bull.

To me, religion is simply BELIEVING, while spirituality is truly KNOWING. There's a huge difference. There is a power in knowing, there is truth in knowing with every corner of your soul that God exists. 

I was raised Methodist, but was hurt by my church a few years ago. And I was very active in my church teaching Sunday School, a Vacation Bible School leader, and just always involved every Sunday. Some people who were new to the church that I belonged to judged me because maybe I wasn't as involved as they were. Then my old pastor always talked about money and how we were such terrible sinners because we didn't give enough and it seemed like I was just no longer welcome. It was in the darkest moments of my life that I was hurt by my church. So it led me to go deeper within myself and finding God on my own. 

I am spiritual. I am Christian with some New Age beliefs. And no it does not make me a sinner and yes I am still Christian for all the people who think they are superior and consider me not since I have some New Age beliefs. 

There are ten things I know to be true.

1. God is my Father.
2. Jesus is my Savior.
3. We are energetic vibrational beings with the Universe.
4. God sends His Angels to help, protect, and guide us.
5. The Holy Spirit lives in all of us. 
6. We are all vessels and servants of God.
7. The Word of God.
8. God's Love for everyone.
9. God's promises to everyone.
10. God's unfailing faith to everyone.

Yes, I read my bible, I pray, I talk with God, but I also use crystals, I use sage and crosses to bless my home. I practice yoga and meditate. I am also currently studying to become a Reiki Master. Sometimes I cuss and sometimes I drink. That does NOT make me a bad person and this all does not mean I am not a true Christian. AND I do not shove the Word down people's throats because let's admit that's a little icky!

No matter what faith you are, what your beliefs are, or even if you are a non-believer, God is still working in your life and in your heart. I am here because it is my duty to bring God into your life. It is a gift that I get to share my journey and walk with you because my journey with God is messy. It's not perfect, I don't think anyone's journey with God or in life is perfect. 

As a side note, for whatever reason you do not believe in God, I am not here to force you to begin believing in Him, but to rather open your eyes and shift your thoughts. Where has God EVER failed you? In singleness, in divorce, in relationships, if you got fired, etc., that's what His plan was for you because it was for your greatest good. If you were hurt by the church like me, God has NEVER left you. If you question Him, good because you are questioning your faith in Him. It is ok to question, but your knowledge of Him existing and your faith in Him are strengthened. Now on for the Bible, if you have an issue with the Bible, it's another vessel of Him and you interpret it how He wants you to. If you think it's fake, created by just a bunch of people who wanted to make money or form a cult, or a strict book of "rules", you may want to revisit that because the Word is alive and breathing and because it is a way of life filled with lessons. It is filled with stories and encounters of where God showed up for people, even the non-believers. For me, the bible is not something I take literal word for word, but rather I seek the lessons within and enjoy those encounters of His amazing promises. 

Knowing that God is my Father and being spiritual is a way of life. It's a way of life that truly feels freeing, opening, and empowering. It's a way of life where I can find strength and where I know I am never alone. It's a way of life where I get to share my journey with the world. Having a relationship with the Lord makes life SO much easier. It allows my relationships to improve (heck, surrendering my heart completely to Him is how I met Carlton!) and it allows the greatest feeling to know that I am never alone because even amidst the storms of life and when I am weak, He carries me through. 

I hope this has provided you with some insight and I hope this can even encourage the non-believer to feel a tiny flicker of hope. I would love to know what your thoughts are. Did this trigger you? Did this encourage you? Drop me a comment below! If this totally resonates with you, then I encourage you to share this with your friends! If you enjoy me talking about God and all things spiritual, then stick around. If not (which I talk about faith even in my wellness topics), you're free to leave!

Many blessings and so much love & light,