How To Beat The Flu

Flu season is not over just yet.

As we have learned from the news, this flu season has been such a deadly epidemic. It breaks my heart of how many deaths there have been from this epidemic.

Today I'm sharing tips on how to beat the flu and really any seasonal cold/sickness. We're taking a gentle approach to this and a more holistic approach. 

1. Don't fall into the trap of fear. When we focus on things we are afraid of and things we don't want happening, we actually tend to call in those situations and manifest those fears into fruition. 

2. Give thanks to God for your healthy body. If you end up sick, give thanks but in a sense of knowing He has already healed you. At all times, pray for your wellness and healing.

3. Shift your diet. If your diet is complete crap and you've been getting sick frequently, shift your diet. Increase your greens, fresh fruits & veggies, and loads of fluids such as water and unsweetened hot tea (green tea and white tea are best since they are filled with antioxidants your body needs). Sugar feeds all sorts of harmful bacteria and viruses, so cut out sugar completely when you're sick.

4. Keep your home clean. Currently I do use Lysol and I always have Purell on hand wherever my travels take me. There are healthier ways to keep your home sanitized that we are currently switching over to such as essential oils and holistic cleaning products. 

5. Vitamins. Of course I'm recommending echinaccea, but even vitamin D, vitamin C, and a multivitamin may be useful. All these vitamins will aid in strengthening your immune system.

6. Lightly stretch every day. Whether you're sick or not, lightly stretching or yoga is good to keep your body moving and your blood flowing. 

7. Rest. Allow yourself to rest even when you're not sick. This gives your body a chance to relax and not having to work as hard. 

Using these tips and tricks are a source to aid in keeping your body healthy. Including faith and prayer with wellness is vital in staying healthy. 

I'm sending so many prayers if you've already been affected by the flu and praying that you stay healthy.


Disclaimer: This is not a form of medication if you are very sick. These are ways to aid in getting healthy and staying healthy during the flu season. I am not a professional medical doctor, so please consult your physician if you get very sick and feel guided to do so.