Fit For Summer

Fit For Summer

Summer is right around the corner and I couldn't be more excited! 

If you're anything like me, the winter blues totally hit you hard. Like seriously, when was it ever going to end? And those New Year's Resolutions? Girl, I know.

Well now that Spring is here and warm weather is on the way, I'm talking pool/beach days, shorts, tank tops, and BBQ's we're wanting to get back on track.

We want to feel healthy, feel confident in that bikini, and rock this summer! Well I'm here to help!

For the next 5 weeks, join me in embracing change as we create the life we love and fall in love with our bodies. We will be challenged to noticed old habits that are holding us back and create new, nourishing habits to launch us forward.

I don't believe in "diets" because it's super restrictive, but I do believe in creating the healthy lifestyle that you love. We're going to do a heart check and recognize what's holding us back. We're going to tweak out crappy foods, welcome amazing whole-full foods, and create a daily exercise habit! 

During this time, you will feel confident. You will feel sexy. You will feel supported. You will have an increase in energy. You will fall in love with your life and body all over again!

What's involved?
πŸ“ Get clear on our specific goals.
πŸ’ž Check in with our heart to recognize what's truly holding us back.
πŸ™…β€β™€οΈLook at old habits that no longer serve us and release them.
🌿Say hello to healthy foods, falling in love with your body with new gentle workouts, and welcome new refreshing habits that serve your highest good!

Results may included, but not limited to...
+ Feeling confident
+ Feeling sexy
+ Feeling healthy
+ Feeling energized
+ Feeling free and lighter
+ Weight loss (OR weight gain depending on your goals!)
+ Clear skin & new healthy habits
+ An increase in happiness!

Sound too good to be true? Keep reading!

What's Included?
~ e-book/e-workbook
~ shareable graphics
~ private group community space
~ daily journal prompts/guides to keep you on track
~ daily accountability
~ weekly group trainings
~ daily recipes
~ daily low-impact workouts
~ daily wellness tips

~ 7 Day Kickstart ($25 value)
~ 30 minute 1:1 coaching call 

When: April 16th-May 19th