Fearlessly Brave

Fear can be crippling. It can block you from healing.

Hurt can be painful. It can hold you back from forgiving truly, honestly, and completely. 

Anger can be firey red. It can hold us in pain, fear, and hurt. 

I was listening to a podcast with Lisa and John Bevere and they said that in order to completely forgive is to forgive how God would forgive us. This solidified in my heart because I knew I was extremely close to forgiving someone who hurt me. I knew that I had forgiven this person because I felt peace when I thought of them, I no longer felt hurt, no longer felt angry, no longer felt anxious. I knew there was more to do though. This person was my father and maybe one day he'll read this.

It took me years of working on healing and forgiving. Yes, I took an extremely deep spiritual route. All of this has all paid off and I am truly blesses and grateful that God has worked in my heart and in my life.

I did something. I did something beyond courageous. Beyond brave. It was something bigger and beyond myself. I did it for me. I did it for him. I did it and it was probably the most beautiful gift I not only could've received, but could've given. As I write this, I have tears in my eyes, my heart continues to feel heavy (in a good way), and I feel an overwhelming sense of peace. I don't care what others may think because I did it for myself. 

Today, I invite you to do something brave, do something fearless, to do something that you're terrified of doing, to do something that will be a blessing to you and even possibly to someone else. I invite you to sit in prayer today, to sit in gratitude today, to sit in stillness to allow the peace to flow through you. Feel the feelings, cry it out, talk about it, and just allow yourself to gently forgive and release those feelings. 

I love you and I forgive you.

Much love,