Dare To Be Different

Meet Chanda!

Chanda was raised by her father with her mother in and out of the picture growing up. After growing up without her mother in the picture, today is married with two boys and a business of her own! She's known sadness and disappointment, but also knows love and joy and how to overcome any difficult situation she's faced with. Chanda is a Virtual Assistant and truly an inspiration! Here's her story!

I was raised by my father from the time I was 9 years old in a small town located in beautiful northern Michigan, USA. My mother was in and out of my life from that time, throughout my teens, and eventual throughout my adult years. My father is a US Navy Veteran so he already knew the importance of team work. He was already retired from the state of Michigan when he took on the role of single parenthood which allowed him to be home doing what would have been my mothers tasks in the home. I grew up old fashioned, I was taught that school work was important, and that having chores at home was part of working together as a team! I wasn’t the popular girl in school and that came with its own challenges. But, I kept moving forward staying focused on myself. The passion to succeed, one day!

After high school, I met my husband when I was 19 years old working at the local grocery store. We eventually settled down, got married, and had 2 handsome boys who keep us both very busy.

Today, I am a college graduate and a business owner but most importantly, a mom and a wife to a salesman and his crazy schedule. (LOL) My story has allowed me to inspire other women who’ve grown up in similar situations as my own.

In my life, like many, I've known sadness, disappointment, not feeling good enough - I've seen all of this and much more. But, I've also known love, compassion, happiness, and joy. How we choose to look at a situation and how we choose to respond determines our outcome. You can't have a positive without a negative and it took me a long time to look at the positive side of any situation. Maybe it was something I had to learn as I got older. I am convinced in the power of positivity.

My journey lead me to being the best parent I can be because I had a great example of how to be and how not to be. My husband has been one of the most inspiring people in my life. He's taught me how to trust, how to love - to know that not everyone is going to leave, he's taught me how to push towards my dreams by allowing me to be myself to find what I was looking for and encouraging me to seek what my heart desired. Our children are the reasons I went back to college. Pushing them to do the same and being asked why they should if mom and dad never did. They are the reasons why I pushed hard in those full time semesters while maintaining my home and my career. They saw me stress during exam week, they saw tears in trial & of triumph, they saw mom push through no matter how challenging a situation became, they saw mom choose the positive end of the spectrum.

All in all, this journey over the last 30 years has made me more confident in all I do. I know I'm an Alpha female, I know what I want, I know God is at my side every second of everyday and that I fear nothing because HE is with me always. I know that as each day goes by, I grow more and more into my authentic self and that my ladies is a BEAUTIFUL feeling!

I leave this with you, “No matter your situation, no matter your upbringing - strive to step outside of what you’ve always known! Dare to be different!”

God Bless You All & Here's to our hopes and our dreams!

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