Break The Damn Rules

I'm officially back!

Today I was listening to a training from one of my coaches and it has me fired up! In a good way, of course!

She said that she learned that when we hold ourselves back and don't put our gifts out into the world, we are a massive disservice to ourselves, to those around us, and to those who need us.

Dang, that hit me hard. 

It had me thinking and made me realize some things. I was in this massive funk, but I placed blame on the events that had recently been taking place. Such as my dad in the hospital in critical condition, then realizing he was still the same and nothing had changed about him, then my dog dying during a difficult part of my life. Yes, I felt like I was falling apart. And I allowed myself to stay there, to stay in the funk, to stay in the sad, pathetic, lazy mood. I allowed my ego, my inner mean girl to take over, to run the show. To the point I had to get off social media for a while.

I felt like everything and everyone was against me, I was in victim mode. I felt like I wasn't worthy, I didn't deserve anything, and I let people walk on me and to tell me what I should be doing. I felt like I was a disappointment and that people would judge me. Which was all a lie

Yes, this was my breaking point...

Society has taught us to conform to the rules. Society has conditioned us to be like everyone else, to not stand out from the crowd and to be extremely hard on ourselves. We're supposed to be in a certain profession. We're supposed to get that degree or certification to be qualified enough. We're supposed to act a certain way, to talk a certain way, to dress a certain way. We're supposed to be so much and hold up to people's expectations. We're supposed to make everyone happy at all times that it's selfish to do what's right for us.

My thoughts? The hell with that. 

If this speaks to you in any way so far, keep reading.

Our ego/inner mean girl/the enemy tells us lies all the time. These sabotaging thoughts are lies and are an attempt to destroy us, to hold us back. 

"I'm not good enough." - LIE

"I'm not worthy." - LIE

"I can't afford this." - LIE

"I'm not loved." - LIE

"I don't deserve this (new job, raise, new clients, etc.)" - LIE

"People will judge me." LIE & WHO THE HELL CARES

"I will disappoint people." - LIE

Who cares what other people think. Darling, if you tell yourself these things, we need to shift you out of this mindset. BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTHY, YOU ARE AMAZING, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

It's OK to break the rules and just go for it.

It's OK to follow your heart and not let anyone or anything hold you back.

It's OK to believe in yourself.

It's OK to be terrified and crazy excited at the same time because you trust yourself, you trust God, and you trust the Universe.

It's OK.

So my note to the world... 

To the doubters who don't believe in me, to the haters who wish to see me fail, to the ones who quietly love what I do, and to all the ladies who need me - I SEE YOU & I HEAR YOU.

Get ready because here I come!