Healing Takes Time

We all have a story. We all have a past. We all can feel angry or guilty towards our past and relationships. We all can crave a sense of healing. I’m going super raw in this post, sharing a part of my story.

When I say relationship, I’m not necessarily talking about a romantic relationship. I’m talking more about a negative relationship with a parent, sibling, or family member. Maybe in this post you relate to this due to a negative romantic relationship. Whatever you past relationships may have been, you do crave to heal from it.

Healing is your journey.

Healing is a journey and it takes time.

In my journeys, I’ve learned that healing doesn’t happen over night. It is an every day practice. It’s taking a moment to breathe, to get fresh air. It’s about accepting the past and learning from it. It’s taking that negative experience and turning it into something positive.

In fact, I am currently still healing. I’m healing from a past of a father who was never there for me. I held on to hoping that he would care about me. I held on to the hope of having someone to be a father to me. Someone who was supposed to be my rock, my first love, someone who cared about me, who protected me, who was always there for me, was actually never there. Yes, I’ll be honest, that hope shattered.

When I began my journey of healing and forgiving, I found a deeper love and I found peace. I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders, my mind cleared, I began to have more energy.

I invite you to open your heart and allow yourself to heal and forgive.

We will go into the “how-to” in another post and we will go much deeper with my coaching package that I am currently creating. I want to invite you to breathe and to focus on love. I’m inviting you to not sit in that darkness of your past nor to sit is anger and hatred. That darkness that you feel, it can not survive in love and light. I promise.

Remember, healing takes time.



How to Get Inspired

Today, we’re talking about inspiration. We get that feeling that we can accomplish so much. We get a feeling of love within us. But, we can feel stuck, overwhelmed, not inspired.

Many people lose inspiration at some point in their lives. It’s a feeling that makes you feel stuck and lost. You can lose inspiration when you don’t feel supported. You can lose inspiration when you feel like you failed. You can lose inspiration when you lost a loved one. There’s many ways that you lose inspiration, but the best way to describe it is that you feel empty and not in motion.

I allow myself to be guided.

Inspiration is what helps you stay focused on your goals. It gets you excited about your dreams. It gives you that feeling that you are ready to achieve your goals. It gives you guidance. It gives you a higher feeling of support and love. Simply, you are energized and bubbling over with excitement that can’t be contained nor described with words.

There have been times that I have lost inspiration, but that’s because I am human, we all are. So how do you find this inspiration when you feel unsupported, lost, a failure, and not focused?

  1. Ask for guidance. I’ve been studying Angelology on my own time and I’ve learned that we are always supported. When you call upon your angels for guidance, they will give you guidance and show you the way.
  2. Focus on what excites you. Take note of what excites you. If it’s a job, a specific task, a place, etc. that doesn’t excite you, it’s only holding you back. When something excites you, write it down in a journal or on a piece of paper. You’ll begin to notice a pattern.
  3. Revisit your goals and dreams. When you ask for guidance and focus on what excites you, it will help you to refocus and change you goals and dreams. Your goals may change, your dreams may change, and it is completely okay.
  4. Inspire your social media. Only follow people who are inspiring and motivating. When you watch their videos or read their posts, it should help you feel excited and it should remind you of your dreams.These four simple steps will help you find and feel that inspiration that energizes you. The biggest step of all is to simply ask for guidance. It may not be over night that you find this energy. When you are open to it and allow yourself to accept the guidance, everything will work in your favor. Have faith. Believe it. Believe in you.



World Peace

With a lot of negative and dark events taking place in the world around us, there is always peace. We can always find love, light, peace, hope, and faith. A lot of people question the “how”. How can we find peace in such a chaotic world? How can we find love in such a dark world?

Lately, fear has been running our world. The darkness feeds on fear, hatred, and sadness. We can change it, you can make a difference in the world surrounding you, you can make a difference by deciding.

The answer is quite simple. We find world peace within ourselves first. It’s a choice.

It’s our choice to be consumed by fear, hatred, sadness, and darkness. It’s our choice to let love, light, positivity, and peace flow through us. It begins with you. If you want to see peace in this world, then you must find peace within, you must find love within.

When you choose to only see love, that is when you will see love above everything else. When we know love, we know peace. Fear and darkness CANNOT exist in a world of love and light. It takes courage to find peace and love. It takes courage to rise above the darkness.

Our question for you is…

What will YOU choose? Love or Fear?