Gratitude & Happiness

“Every day is an opportunity to be happy.”

We wake up, go about our day, and go to sleep. We get sad, we get angry, we get happy, excited, etc. But why be angry, why be sad? I’ve been going through a lot these past few months myself, so I know where you are. I’ve lost motivation, yes me, but we all do because we’re all human. I’ve gotten that motivation back though, I need to be grateful, happy, confident, thankful, and not complain. Try to find the positives in everything. Nothing and nobody is meant to hold you back or bring you down. God gives us these challenges to only build us up, to make us stronger. We need to grow, it’s a part of life! We need to go about our days with grace, being happy, being grateful, being confident.

What are you grateful about? We want to know 5 things you are grateful for!

I’m grateful for…
~ My Family
~ My Boyfriend
~ My Dog
~ My Health
~ God!

Now we have a little challenge for you!

Every night and every morning for the next week, write ONE thing you are grateful for. So in seven days, you should have 14 items on your list!! Then take a look at that list, read it every day, and tell God you are thankful that He has given you all those things on your “Grateful List”!! Add to that list and watch it grow!

There’s always something to be happy about, something to be grateful about. Start today because a minute wasted of being angry or sad is a minute that you’ll never get back to be happy!

Let us know how that list is coming along in the Wholeful Soul Sisters space! 

~ Kailee