Today Is YOUR Day!

HAPPY 2018!!! Are you ready to make this year YOUR YEAR?!

Did you know, it’s NEVER to late to be the best that YOU can be?! Well, it’s not! It’s never too late!

Now what am I talking about?

I want YOU to be the best that you can be! We want you to be healthy, confident, and positive. We want you to life and lead that all around Healthy Soul 360 lifestyle!

Now being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be as skinny as a toothpick. In fact, you don’t have to be skinny. We believe there are FOUR KEY INGREDIENTS to be healthy. Being healthy will also bring positivity and confidence.

1. Eat Right. We don’t believe in fad diets, that’s for sure. We don’t believe in basically starving yourself to be healthy. That is definitely not the way to do it. There are so many health risks when you basically starve yourself. Be smart in the grocery store when buying food, DON’T buy junk food!! Try to buy healthy, organic, whole foods. Buy turkey instead of beef, buy Cheerios instead of Fruity Pebbles. If you have kids, definitely make sure you are feeding them healthy food, don’t let them have junk food all the time. Sure it’s ok to have junk food once in a while, but it’ll end up making you feel sluggish, trust me!

2. Exercise. Exercise is key. It is also the most wonderful, FREE antidepressant. I feel so much better after a workout, my mood is better, I’m happier, more energetic, I feel empowered, sexy, confident, and powerful. I feel like I can take on any challenge that is thrown my way after I workout. Now I’m not saying you have to get a gym membership, buy an expensive program, run miles on miles, or lift an insane amount of weights. You start slow. You build up to what you want to achieve. Even if it’s a brisk walk or a light jog, even yoga or pilates, just something to get your blood pumping and your heart rate up!!

3. Stay Hydrated. We can never stress this enough!! Buy a large reusable water bottle (check BPA and all those lovely ingredients!) and fill it up to the top! Now that’s how much water you have to drink EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Even tea is another wonderful drink that gets me through the day. Honestly, STAY AWAY from the caffeine!! Decaf and water is so much better.

4. Love Yourself. This can be difficult for some of us because we have this perfect image of what we want to look like, but then realize that we don’t look like that perfect image. We have these negative thoughts about how we look, how we dress, and that number on the scale. Let me ask you something. How can we expect to be positive when our minds are filled with such negativity? Be kind to yourself, be kind to others. Love yourself because you are beautiful and perfect the way you are!!

These may seem so simple, but they may actually be a lot more difficult for some people. We have people by our sides every day, cheering us on. Take these four simple key ingredients and live by it every day! Everything will fall into place!!

Don’t wait for tomorrow to seize the day. Why not start right now?! This is why Healthy Soul 360 is here! We want YOU to be the best that you can be!! We are here to encourage, inspire, and motivate you. WE can help YOU when you take that initiative and reach out to us, even to people surrounding you.

The choice must come from within!! Remember, TODAY is YOUR day!!!


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