What's Going On?

Hey there!

So if you don't know, my boyfriend, Carlton, and I moved in together. This week marks 3 weeks of living together on our own. It's honestly been great. We completely renovated our home and continue to make it more cozy! Which is what I love! We've also had the house just buzzing with friends and family! There's been a lot of things that we've had to work together to do, but we're loving every moment. 

Spiritually, I've been tired lately. I think just from moving and having the constant buzz in the house of so many people over, it began to drain me out. Today, I spent the day outside in nature. We live in the woods, so it's very quiet and serene. Then I meditated. I grounded myself and harnessed the beautiful power of Mother Earth. If you're on a spiritual journey, come hang out with me over at Country Class Mentor!

Wellness, it's been on and off. The most important thing is that I acknowledge balance, yes some junk food and some really healthy food! We've been eating all home grown or farm grown veggies and fruits, cage free eggs, and farm grown herbs. Because we've been using all home grown or farm grown produce, we've been able to save so much money and we're supporting our local businesses and farms! If you're on a wellness journey also, and on a budget, come hang out with both Carlton and I over at Healthy Soul 360!

I'll be back here tomorrow to talk about how to honor yourself- mind, body, and soul- in a busy world. 

Love & Light,