Reflection on 2017

As I sit here reflecting, 2017 has really pushed me way out my comfort zone. Like, every area of my life.

I've shed tears, I've had many laughs, met amazing people, made amazing memories with those by my side, accepted amazing opportunities, and it's all been guided by God and Spirit.

I walked across the Marist College stage in May. I've continued to build a soulful business helping women in every corner of the world. I did something wild & brave, yet so Divinely Guided to do so in October, which was the most beautiful blessing I could have ever given or received. I had forgiven and healed my past, let me just mention the immense peace and freedom that came with this action. I felt like my life was falling apart and I was breaking in November. I'm currently launching radical life transforming programs and a membership this month in December plus going even bigger in 2018. I've joined a Bible Study and a Prayer Group. I had an intense healing session that simply confirmed my utmost Divine Calling in this life. Most importantly, I've stepped fully and fearlessly into my purpose as a coach, a teacher, a healer, a friend.

As I think about this all, no matter the hardships and challenges I've faced, the choices I made, the blessings I brought to people, there was purpose in it all. The strength that I'm filled with, the love that I'm filled with, the hope that I'm filled with, the peace that I'm filled with, and the Spirit that I'm filled with guides me to bring that to every person I meet.

Always look for the blessing in every situation. Always choose to see love. ❤