Fitness App Favorites

Are you ready for 2018?! 

Today, I wanted to take a few moments to talk about fitness apps to get you started off right in the New Year. There are so many apps available, but how do you know which are the best ones? Obviously, choose an app that you enjoy. I’ll be talking about how to choose a fitness app in a few days.

I personally use a few different apps to track my fitness and my nutrition. Here’s a list of them below, the low down, and why I love them!

I got a Fitbit for Christmas this past year and love it. It tracks my steps, can track my sleep, and can track my exercises. On the app, you can record what you eat and how much you drink. You can also join different challenges with your friends such as The Workweek Hustle. You get little friendly competitions going between you and your friends! You can also join communities to stay accountable. If you have a FitBit, you can join the Healthy Soul 360 Team HERE for more accountability. I’ll check in frequently to help you stay accountable! You can also add me by my email to help stay extra accountable on FitBit!

This is an app that automatically comes on my phone with any Samsung. It will track my steps, my workouts, my nutrition, my pulse, my stress, and give me different tips and reminders to get active. For it to track my steps, I don’t have to press any specific button, it automatically does it. What I like the most, it gives me notifications to get active throughout the day at different times of the day.

Charity Miles
This app is simply amazing! I honestly recommend this app the most! This app, you can join a team if you’d like and be a part of a bigger cause. This app tracks your miles whether you are running, walking, or biking AND you raise money for charity! A few charities that I run or walk for would be, Team For Kids, and the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. So how does this work? The concept is brilliant. A huge corporation such as Humana or Johnson&Johnson will sponsor you then donate $0.25 per every mile you complete. It may seem so small, but it helps so much. This is for a greater cause and I love giving back and helping in any way I can!

Lorna Jane
This app is fun. It gives you alerts and daily motivation every morning. When you track or log your workouts, it gives you so many options of what type of exercise it is. Then when you track your food, it will also give you recipes to make. I love the motivating and inspirational messages with this app!

These apps help me stay on track and help me get motivated and ready to workout. The apps that I use are great apps to track your fitness and nutrition. Comment on the post or join us in the Community discussion on Facebook HERE and let me know what apps you love to use!

Talk soon!

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with any of the companies or apps as mentioned above. I am not being paid to write about the apps, I am simply a fitness & health coach writing an honest review about the fitness apps that I personally use!