Brighten Your Smile

Ever feel in a funk? Have days where you just want to lay in bed and watch movies all day? Ever have those days where you feel like the world is against you? Have those days where you just feel negative?

I think everyone has just one of those days every once in a while. It’s normal. It coexists with us being human! The thing is, we can’t get stuck there. I know I personally don’t like having those kinds of days. In all honesty, who does?!

Here are some simple ways to brighten your day, which in turn will brighten your smile!

1. Light a candle. Light your favorite candle, the wonderful aroma in your home will surely have a positive effect on you!

2. Grab a cup of tea and READ. Grab a good book, a hot cup of tea, and enjoy getting lost in a different world! Reading positive and uplifting books will definitely help and it will also give you a new perspective on things! (I’ll post a summer reading list, books that I’m reading this summer!)

3. Wake up early. Ok, I know, I have trouble getting up early. I’ve been wanting to sleep in, but I’m convincing myself to not hit the snooze button or turn my alarm off. I’m trying to set my alarm early in the morning so I can get up and not feel like I’ve wasted the whole day sleeping. Some days it may be needed, but trust me, it gets really difficult to get back in the habit of waking up early. Some even say to put your phone across the room before you go to bed so you are basically forced to wake up early by having to get out of bed to turn your alarm off.

4. Listen to some tunes. Listening to music, playing some inspirational music, country, or even the relaxation radio on Pandora helps me just chill out. Some days I like my music quiet, other days I love jamming out to it, but either way it makes me happy!!

5. Clean! This may sound crazy, but when you clean your room, dorm, apartment, or house it makes you feel better. When it makes you feel better, it makes you feel relaxed knowing that everything is in it’s place and organized. Knowing that everything is in it’s place, makes me so happy and helps me focus on other things at task such as checking in with all of you lovely followers, researching the latest, or working on assignments.

6. Meet with Friends. Being around other people, especially people who are positive and uplifting people will have a positive effect on you. Go for a walk, go shopping, do some errands, go for lunch, or simply have a movie night or game night!

7. Go For a Run!! Exercising is the absolute best way to brighten that smile of yours! Sweating and feeling that burn is key to feeling brighter. Exercising has been known to release different hormones to help you feel invincible, powerful, and sexy. So go get out there and RUN!

Why live life feeling negative? Using these tips will surely help you feel brighter every day!!

~ Kailee