How to Beat the Winter Blues

We love winter, we hate winter, all of the above. Mixed emotions about winter.

Yes, winter is beautiful. I won’t lie about that! Filled with fresh fallen snow and snow days, wearing sweaters and fuzzy socks, sitting by the fireplace and drinking hot coco, snow ball fights and sleigh rides, long and quiet nights. It’s beautiful indeed.

Well, many of you, including myself, get the Winter Blues. Some days, you’re happy and motivated, while other days or most days during the winter, you feel down and lacking all sort of motivation.

1. Find something or someone inspiring and motivational. I love following inspiring and motivating people and groups online. For instance, I love Chalene Johnson, Lisa Bevere, Victoria Osteen, and Gabby Bernstein. They are amazing, inspiring, and motivating women! I would love to meet them one day!! Make sure you follow motivating and inspiring people and groups on any social media sites that you are on. Make sure you don’t follow any negative or degrading people or groups on social media. Doesn’t help at all. I also have to say that my mother and my boyfriend, as well as my grandparents and brother and friends, have been very supporting and encouraging of me in my life. Things like that, I believe, you need in your life. When you have that encouragement and support, then you have your motivation and inspiration.

2. Get up and move! Wake up early. Get off the electronics and walk around, go get some fresh air. I know here in New York, it’s a bit chilly, so not much outside walking for me lately with all this snow on the ground. What’s been helping me, is I’ve doing Yoga and Pilates. Very relaxing, yet you work hard! I’m typically sweating at the end of my workout!! I know the gym and DVD programs can be expensive, so simple at home body weight workouts are key to beat these winter blues.

3. Write a list and make goals. Write a list of everything that has to be done. Get a planner to keep organized. Planners and lists have become my life as a college student. I tend to remember the things I have to do, but making a list and seeing it physically actually puts things into a better perspective for me. Make goals and keep yourself accountable.

4. Read. Reading helps my mind relax. Amazon and Apple have plenty of free books, especially “self-help” books. Self-help books aren’t meant to be embarrassing when you tell people that you read those kinds of books. I’ve found some really good books, all for free on my Kindle, which make me open my eyes and think about things or simply relax. Honestly, writing in a journal helps me de-stress as well as talking. Just some things to keep in mind!

5. Eat healthy and sleep. I’ve always been a big fan of eating right, eating healthy. I’ve never been a person to support diets. As long as you are eating the right foods, drinking the right drinks, and eating whole grains, then it’ll not only help your internal health, but your overall mental wellbeing. Sleeping is another topic that I, myself, lack in that area at times. Something I’ve been getting better at lately. Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep in order to help beat these Winter Blues!

These tips are to, of course, inspire and motivate you to get out of that funk. I know winter can be tough. Finding motivation can be very difficult when you have the Winter Blues. I know, as a college student, you can’t risk being in that funk because then everything can get out of whack.

We’re all human, including myself. I’m someone on a mission and that’s to help everyone and to be the best person I can be. I may get so caught up, but then I have to take a step back and make sure my physical and mental health are in good condition. Life gets stressful, I get that. Winter can be that time of year, too, where we just want to be in bed watching movies all day. We don’t want to do a darn thing.

So I say, let’s beat these winter blues today!! Let’s start right away and get this feeling of being down and lacking motivation gone, gone, gone! I know I always stress it, but please feel free to reach out to me! Don’t hesitate to share this to friends and family if you know that they are facing the Winter Blues! Remember you’re not alone, none of us are alone!!

So wake up early. Do a workout, take a shower, grab a cup of tea, sit by the fireplace, and read a book!! Lastly, say goodbye to those Winter Blues!