New Year, New You

It's that time of year again! The New Year is almost upon us! And we're busy making our resolutions, setting goals, and creating intentions for the new year!

Let me guess... some of your goals are to get healthy, hit the gym, be intentional, be happy, and add more faith to your life? Well, no matter what your goals are, this program is designed to not only give you accountability, but to get you on the right path to actually staying true to you New Year's Resolution. 

Let's also get real for a minute. If you ALWAYS fall through on your resolutions, like within the first few days/weeks of the New Year, then keep reading. 

If you want to be filled with freedom, peace, love, purpose, and create a healthy, wholeful lifestyle then this is for you. We'll also be shifting our mindset from lack to abundance, from fear to love, from worthlessness to purpose, from a junk food filled body to a healthy body, and from "I can't" to "I can & I will". There will be wellness tips to creating a healthy lifestyle & home. There will be spiritual guidance, inviting God fully into our lives. There will be blocks recognized & removed. There will be healing. There will be laughter & community. There may be some tears shed. There will be growth & expansion. There will be radical transformation.

Let's do this girl! Make 2018 your year!

Are You Ready To:
~ Stay accountable with your New Year's Resolutions?
~ Create freedom, a healthy lifestyle, & soulful intentions?
~ Make 2018 your year?
~ Heal the past & create more joy?
~ Create momentum with an action packed plan?

Who is this for?
~ The woman who is ready to not hold back
~ The woman who is ready to invest in herself
~ The woman who is serious about doing the work & changing her life
~ The woman who is ready to make her goals into reality
~ The woman who needs accountability
~ The woman who craves success in 2018

What's Included?
~ 8 Weeks
~ Group Program
~ Wellness coaching
~ Life coaching
~ Massive accountability
~ 8 group coaching calls
~ Exclusive community space

Bonuses (Worth over $150)
~ One 60 minute 1:1 call focusing on goals & intentions for 2018 ($95 value)
~ Goal Tracker journal ($47 value)
~ Guide to Gratitude Workbook ($30 value)

Your Investment? $247
Payment Plans are available!