World Peace

With a lot of negative and dark events taking place in the world around us, there is always peace. We can always find love, light, peace, hope, and faith. A lot of people question the “how”. How can we find peace in such a chaotic world? How can we find love in such a dark world?

Lately, fear has been running our world. The darkness feeds on fear, hatred, and sadness. We can change it, you can make a difference in the world surrounding you, you can make a difference by deciding.

The answer is quite simple. We find world peace within ourselves first. It’s a choice.

It’s our choice to be consumed by fear, hatred, sadness, and darkness. It’s our choice to let love, light, positivity, and peace flow through us. It begins with you. If you want to see peace in this world, then you must find peace within, you must find love within.

When you choose to only see love, that is when you will see love above everything else. When we know love, we know peace. Fear and darkness CANNOT exist in a world of love and light. It takes courage to find peace and love. It takes courage to rise above the darkness.

Our question for you is…

What will YOU choose? Love or Fear?