Healing Takes Time

We all have a story. We all have a past. We all can feel angry or guilty towards our past and relationships. We all can crave a sense of healing. I’m going super raw in this post, sharing a part of my story.

When I say relationship, I’m not necessarily talking about a romantic relationship. I’m talking more about a negative relationship with a parent, sibling, or family member. Maybe in this post you relate to this due to a negative romantic relationship. Whatever you past relationships may have been, you do crave to heal from it.

Healing is your journey.

Healing is a journey and it takes time.

In my journeys, I’ve learned that healing doesn’t happen over night. It is an every day practice. It’s taking a moment to breathe, to get fresh air. It’s about accepting the past and learning from it. It’s taking that negative experience and turning it into something positive.

In fact, I am currently still healing. I’m healing from a past of a father who was never there for me. I held on to hoping that he would care about me. I held on to the hope of having someone to be a father to me. Someone who was supposed to be my rock, my first love, someone who cared about me, who protected me, who was always there for me, was actually never there. Yes, I’ll be honest, that hope shattered.

When I began my journey of healing and forgiving, I found a deeper love and I found peace. I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders, my mind cleared, I began to have more energy.

I invite you to open your heart and allow yourself to heal and forgive.

We will go into the “how-to” in another post and we will go much deeper with my coaching package that I am currently creating. I want to invite you to breathe and to focus on love. I’m inviting you to not sit in that darkness of your past nor to sit is anger and hatred. That darkness that you feel, it can not survive in love and light. I promise.

Remember, healing takes time.